Wednesday, April 28, 2010

audrie's block, one of two.

Well, hopefully. This block came together rather painlessly, over three weeks ago! I LOVE the style of these blocks...this is going to be an awesome quilt. I used one or two little pieces of my own scraps I'm sure you'll spot it, Audrie. I had so much confidence going into the second block a few days after the first. I didn't re-read the instructions. Instead, I turned on my Pandora Internet radio really loud and dove in with an air of fearlessness that turned out to be my downfall. I was so caught up in piecing that I just kept adding my wedges in a clockwork fashion. Of course, everything was going smooth until that last wedge! Ummm...lets just say I had to use my seam ripper very creatively. After seam ripping and sewing 3 times I decided to let it rest a little. So on my ironing board it has sat. Tomorrow I will try again. If it doesn't come out or my seams become too threadbare to sew again I promise to send along something sweet Audrie.
Aside from the drama, I really love these blocks. :)


  1. that one looks awesome!

    I have no excuse,except that i put audrie's blocks off and now I'm swamped! I promise to do them when I get back from the big lacrosse weekend.

  2. I love it!! And please don't worry about the second block if you can't make it (I thought you were down for one?)... I realise it's a bit of an annoying block hehe I hope everyone finds the strength to forgive me eventually lol

  3. I just hope you love your quilt Audrie! blood, sweat and tears lady :)

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

  4. It looks great. And you guys crack me up. We will all recover someday from this stressful quilt block. Might need chocolate, though. Or ice cream.

  5. Looks great Erica! These are all turning out so nice, even though they are a bit more challenging. :)

  6. This looks great! The seam ripper is always my best friend when I'm sewing :)