Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilt it!

Another month.
Another technique.
Before you know it, your month has come and gone, 
and it's time to work with Erica's fabric, Erica's project - - what fun!
I am nothing if not resilient.
No matter how many needles I break.
(I'm up to three snapped needles, and I've only finished two blocks)
And of course the fabric - - most of it vintage
is nothing to experiment with.
I have stacks of feed sacks I have never been able to cut up...
But that's the great thing about being in an online bee.
Stretching your limits.
Learning new techniques.
And finding those quilting muscles you never knew you had.

Thanks, Erica.

(it's off to put in another needle and finish the last block)

pieced & quilted with 
size 40 - 100% cotton thread 


  1. Yeaaaa! I love them! Sorry you've broken so many needles...but it's worth it on my end :) Thanks for making such pretty blocks!

  2. Definitely worth it - learning a new technique, stretching, growing - - takes more than just a sleeve of needles.
    Practice, patience....what we learn in quilting will carry us through many moments more in LIFE.

  3. I spoke with Penny - I used quilting thread, she did not; I used universal needles, she used topstitch needles. Thank you Penny!!! There's always so much to learn...