Monday, February 28, 2011

Stephanie's Blocks... Finally!

I've been so all over the place (mentally and literally!) that I completely forgot about Stephanie's blocks till last week. I'm REALLY sorry Stephanie!!!

I finished them last night! Yaaay! I kind of wanna keep them...

The first block was a breeze, and I'm glad I started with it.

The second block took a bit of math to figure out but it was definitely fun to work on. And I promise you that it's square... I don't know why it photographed all wonky like that!

And since the sig block had little bubble prints, I decided to sign within the bubbles lol I hope you don't mind that, Steph!

Anyway they'll be in the post today! Phew!

Friday, February 11, 2011


These are my last blocks for Bee Beautiful. Some of them have been finished for months and just sitting on the end of my ironing board, I started hoarding them like the rest of my fabrics! oops.

This was a great bee! You are all lovely ladies with endless creativity,

inspiring lives and projects.

Thank you for including me, I couldn't be happier with all of the great techniques I've learned and friends that I have made....
Keep your eyes peeled for my quilt as you go quilt that you all graciously contributed to... My plans for a queen sized quilt have faded (along with my QAYG stamina) and I hope to have a generous lap quilt for my couch in the next couple of months. How the heck did you do it Penny? You are a QAYG rockstar!

Vicki, Michelle, Amy and Stephanie- I hope you like your blocks! They were all fun to put together, gorgeous fabrics all around. I will be sending them out tomorrow morning, Monday at the latest. Thank you for your patience...

Thanks again everyone!