Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm back from the post office and my fabric for January has all been mailed.

Here's a sneak peek of the fabric included in the packages:

fabric for January

And, here's my inspiration quilt:
quilt inspiration (Machine Made Patchwork (457911020X))

I saw this quilt in the Japanese book, Machine Made Patchwork (457911020X), a few years ago and have always wanted to make a scrappy patchwork quilt like this.

So, I've included lots of fabric strips and scraps for you to play with. For the center of the block, I included a 2.5" square solid pink piece of fabric. Please start with the pink and then build from can mix and match your scraps with mine or you can use only the scraps that I included. The blocks should be 12" square, plain log cabins.

I included two pink center squares...if you're feeling inspired and want to make two scrappy blocks, I wouldn't mind at all. :)

I'm so excited to be a part of this group and can't wait to see what you all create!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Shopping

My husband kept asking what I wanted for Christmas. I kept replying, 'A trip to the fabric store BY MYSELF.' He didn't think I was serious.

My inlaws live only a half hour from the Fabric Shack, so I had a ton of fun spending a good part of a day gathering bolts of fabric for lots of projects.

My month is March, and I'm one to plan everything to the nth degree, and early. [I think I'm done twitching over the thought of letting 11/12 of my quilt out of my hands!] Plus they had a coupon for 15% off, so see how much I saved?

A lucky find, Moda's 1974 was in their clearance loft. I found some great Michael Miller dots, lovely Nicey Jane, and Kona solids (that black-looking one is actually coal). I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On Your Marks...

How excited is everyone for our little bee to begin? A big thanks to Rebekah for being the brave soul who willingly offered to kick things off in January. Hopefully everyone else is also starting to think about their blocks... it'll be very interesting to see what everyone comes up with! And if you're anything like me, you've changed your mind about half a dozen times already... heehee!

And just a little bit of inspiration from Flickr to get those wheels turning :)

1. 3 Blocks for August Bee, 2. Another ATWQ bee block, 3. Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Blocks, 4. Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Blocks, 5. Hip to Bee Square - July block, 6. Stash busting bee: June block #3, 7. * Lisa's blocks * Sew New To Me Virtual Quilting Bee, 8. Block #1 for Quiltedoma, 9. another block for me by me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the details

bee beautiful!

This is a fun, new quilting bee thought up by Julie (Jaybird Quilts) and Audrie (Blue is Bleu), where 12 women get together to make one block a month. We are going to start in January 2010!

The Blocks

Each month, one member of the group chooses the style and pattern of the block to be made. They will send out the necessary fabric for bee members to make them a block. Each bee member can decide in their instructions if other members can add stash fabric to their block or not, but will not require it.

Members can choose whatever size or shape they would like their blocks to be – just be sure to provide detailed instructions and measurements!

Signature Block

Aside from the block chosen by each member, we’d like to propose members each make a small signature block (approximately 4” finished) to send back with each finished block. The purpose of this is to make a 12-block panel (for example) that members can use for the back of their quilt as a commemoration of being a part of this bee. It is not a requirement, just an idea.

Shipping Fabrics and Blocks

Each member ships their own fabrics and finished blocks to the other 11 members at their own cost. Everyone ends up paying the same for shipping, so it’s fair and square.

Charity Quilt

We would also like to propose that each of the bee members donate a block that will eventually become a quilt we could donate to a charity. Twelve of us will come away with a quilt each, and it would be really wonderful if someone else could benefit from our little group too.
{more info to come!}

Flickr, Blog, Etc

A Flickr group will be set up for us to upload pictures of each month’s blocks and eventually, finished quilts. And as for a blog... you are reading it! This is the place we can talk more in detail about our blocks, why we chose the block patterns, and keep everyone updated on progress etc.

Julie & Audrie
Bee Beautiful!