Monday, November 29, 2010

December's Block: It's Hip to be Square

It's December! I can't believe we've come to the last month of the bee, crazy huh?! Well, the time sure does fly when you're having fun! :)

Ok, onto the blocks...
I saw this quilt a while back (Jan 2010) on Rebekah's blog, it is made by the empty bobbin (don't know her actual name). I just fell in love with this!

Inspiration Quilt
So here's what I'm thinking...
I would love,
2 blocks measuring 12" square unfinished.

One block a very simple Log Cabin square, with one square surrounded by another square, surrounded by another and so on.

For the second I'd love it if you got a bit more creative and make a 12" block with multiple squares, as many squares as you'd like, or not very many, that's up to you.
Some Examples....

I prefer straight and simple compared to wonky.

The fabrics I chose are a few of my favorites with some coordinating yellow, blues, light gray and greens thrown in, and for some contrast Kona Charcoal and Kona white crush.
2 blocks I made
A little helpful tip... if you don't like math like me, I just made the first basic 12" square (mine is actually a tad larger then 12" and needs to be trimmed) then used that as a guideline for laying out my small squares. It was nice to be able to eyeball it, instead of doing the math to end up with a 12 inch square.
A few common questions:
1. SCRAPS:: Please send the scraps back, I plan to use them in the quilt, plus I had no idea how much fabric would be enough so I think I sent a lot.

2. SIGGY BLOCK:: I sent everyone a separate strip of fabric to sign your name on. I will use those strips to make one large square for the back.

3. ADDING FABRIC FROM YOUR STASH:: I'm trying to stay with the colors I sent you. You may add fabric from your stash that is modern and is a lemon yellow, pale gray, medium blue or lime green.

Any questions??????????????? There's a lot going on lately, so my brain is mush, I'm sure I've missed something :)

I'll be shipping your fabric out tomorrow! Happy Sewing :)

Log Cabin's for Amy

Love the red fabrics, thanks for letting me play with them :)
Hope you like them Amy!

catching up little by little

I'm still behind... but little by little I'm catch up on some bee blocks.

Vicki's block in progress

and a blurry photo of it done

Here is Vicki's block w/ the siggy block and sashing strips.

Michelle's block in progress

almost done... time for the hand sewing.

Amy's block #1

playing with fabrics to make a 2nd block for her

the result of block #2
Amy's blocks done.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better Late Than Never... ?

I owe a couple of people apologies! I'm super tardy on my September and October blocks because life has a way of bulldozing your safe, happy routine. So Vicki and Michelle, I'm really, really sorry!!! I hope you like your blocks :)

Vicki's block... so fun to do! And LOTS of points to match! I just loved all the saturated colours.

Michelle's block... I'd never made a dresden plate before (though I've wanted to for the longest time!) and this was both scary and fun to make. I ended up machine stitching it, and I'm really not great at curved sewing, so Michelle, please don't look at it too closely. Thanks, I appreciate it.

While we're at it, Vicki, don't look at yours too closely either :P

Amy's large block... I have a special place in my heart for the improv log cabin, so this was right up my alley :) I tried to keep them simple and clean while injecting some wonk here and there. I signed this one after I was done with the pics.

The smaller block... I went heavy on the MoMo with this block! It ended up being not so much smaller (like 11" unfinished) because I got carried away and didn't stop to check the sizing!

All the blocks will be on their way shortly!

- Audrie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

playing catch up

Vicki's block
Vicki's Squares

Michelle's Block
Michelle's Dresden Plate

Amy's block

Amy's Drunk love/log cabins

Amy's block

I had a lot of fun playing with these different fabrics. I can't believe that we only have one month left to go. (And, Michelle and Amy, your blocks went out in the mail yesterday).

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Block for Amy

Hello you wonderful people!  Your fabric for the November block is on it's way! When I first joined this Bee last year I knew exactly what block I was going to do - until I saw the fabulous improv quilting you all do and I totally changed my mind. And so, at the risk of being Lady Redundant Woman, I am asking for Improv Log Cabin blocks!

I would really love 2 blocks each, if that's feasible. One that is 13.5" unfinished and one that is anywhere between 8-12".

I'd prefer more square than wonky.

I'm feeling like I sent way too much fabric.  Use what you want and please return scraps.

I'm going to sash with Kona Snow. I've included a piece for you to use where ever you like including the outside edge if you want.

Feel free to use any of your own scraps, but please stick to the color scheme provided - mostly reds and browns with a little bit of golds, blues, and greens. (Think Momo, American Jane or Denyse Schmidt.)

Don't worry about a siggy block.  Just sign or initial one of your bigger blocks.

Many thanks to everyone - I can't wait to see what you do!

Here's a little inspiration:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Block for Michelle

I love making dresden plates, but I've never made one with such large petals. I really love it, shows off each fabric so nicely, and what nice fabrics! I'll be mailing this out soon Michelle :)