Friday, November 5, 2010

November Block for Amy

Hello you wonderful people!  Your fabric for the November block is on it's way! When I first joined this Bee last year I knew exactly what block I was going to do - until I saw the fabulous improv quilting you all do and I totally changed my mind. And so, at the risk of being Lady Redundant Woman, I am asking for Improv Log Cabin blocks!

I would really love 2 blocks each, if that's feasible. One that is 13.5" unfinished and one that is anywhere between 8-12".

I'd prefer more square than wonky.

I'm feeling like I sent way too much fabric.  Use what you want and please return scraps.

I'm going to sash with Kona Snow. I've included a piece for you to use where ever you like including the outside edge if you want.

Feel free to use any of your own scraps, but please stick to the color scheme provided - mostly reds and browns with a little bit of golds, blues, and greens. (Think Momo, American Jane or Denyse Schmidt.)

Don't worry about a siggy block.  Just sign or initial one of your bigger blocks.

Many thanks to everyone - I can't wait to see what you do!

Here's a little inspiration:


  1. I've been wondering what we were doing in November!

    Can't wait to get your fabrics!

  2. Uh oh, hope everyone really likes this style of blocks, December might be sort of similar :) They obviously are wonderful blocks! Looking forward to making them, and I just opened your fabric in the mail today!

  3. now this i can do!! i've been such a bad bee member over the last few months... i have lots & lots of catch up to do!