Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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bee beautiful!

This is a fun, new quilting bee thought up by Julie (Jaybird Quilts) and Audrie (Blue is Bleu), where 12 women get together to make one block a month. We are going to start in January 2010!

The Blocks

Each month, one member of the group chooses the style and pattern of the block to be made. They will send out the necessary fabric for bee members to make them a block. Each bee member can decide in their instructions if other members can add stash fabric to their block or not, but will not require it.

Members can choose whatever size or shape they would like their blocks to be – just be sure to provide detailed instructions and measurements!

Signature Block

Aside from the block chosen by each member, we’d like to propose members each make a small signature block (approximately 4” finished) to send back with each finished block. The purpose of this is to make a 12-block panel (for example) that members can use for the back of their quilt as a commemoration of being a part of this bee. It is not a requirement, just an idea.

Shipping Fabrics and Blocks

Each member ships their own fabrics and finished blocks to the other 11 members at their own cost. Everyone ends up paying the same for shipping, so it’s fair and square.

Charity Quilt

We would also like to propose that each of the bee members donate a block that will eventually become a quilt we could donate to a charity. Twelve of us will come away with a quilt each, and it would be really wonderful if someone else could benefit from our little group too.
{more info to come!}

Flickr, Blog, Etc

A Flickr group will be set up for us to upload pictures of each month’s blocks and eventually, finished quilts. And as for a blog... you are reading it! This is the place we can talk more in detail about our blocks, why we chose the block patterns, and keep everyone updated on progress etc.

Julie & Audrie
Bee Beautiful!

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  1. I maybe interested in doing the Bee. Do you have 12 people already?