Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blocks for Erica

Thanks Erica for making me try these blocks, not sure if I would have otherwise. I really do like the idea of quilting as you go, although I would've had more fun making these blocks if my sewing machine would've been behaving. I hope you like them! I really loved looking at all your neat fabric, very cool stuff.

Especially this one. What is it? Is it from some sort of feedbag or something? Those cherries are just too cool!


  1. Great work! That cherry fabric is too cute.

    These blocks look great against your new wall color!

  2. Yeaa! I love it... I can't wait to put this bad boy together! THese blocks look great. Sorry your machine was acting up, can't even tell!

    ~The grey fabric with text and cherries is something that I found on etsy, just an obscure Japanese print.