Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Month's Blocks... Maybe?

I'm totally in love with the Map of the States blocks Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! did. I'm thinking perhaps these could be our April blocks... the 'controlled' wonkiness speaks to me lol

She even did a tutorial for the blocks, so that eliminates the need for instructions... perhaps only the size of the blocks need to be amended.

I'll keep ya posted... Just thought I'd share :)

-- Audrie


  1. I love those! I have them on my list, too. Since I'm right before you in March, now I'll for sure save these for my other Bee. I think I have my plan...just need to make a test block.

  2. i like them... i'm going to have such trouble deciding what blocks to make!!

  3. Love these! The controlled wonkiness is great.

  4. very, very cool Audrie! love that gray and green together!

  5. You gals look like a lot of fun!
    I love those map of the states blocks too, and thanks for admitting liking the controlled wonkiness! I feel the same way -