Wednesday, April 28, 2010

angela & audrie!

march was crazy..
but angela told me not to worry..
i finally had some time over the weekend to work on her blocks..

and i ended up making 2 for her.

first i started with a square... and built around it..
and around.
i made the last border in different widths so it ended up being off center.
i like this one a lot!!

and for the second i started similar..
but then got a bit more "free" with my piecing.
i sewed the greys together with the green & white dot..
and then chopped them into strips.. and so on.
last step was adding the blues..
i just love the blue on blue dots!

then it was time to work on audrie's blocks.
and i had similar issues that other people did.
and let me just say.
audrie you are lucky i like you.. and fought through the bias for you!!

they aren't perfect.
but i think they look good!

and like i said on my blog...

"i'll never make this block again."

"sometimes bees inspire you to make blocks
and sometimes you learn what you don't want to make"


  1. all of those blocks look wonderful - I LOVE mine. now I'm the one lagging behind and will be late on both my bees!

  2. Looooove! And I am so sorry! Hehehe! I didn't think you'd hate it... but at least I crossed out a possible quilt off your list lol Glass half full!

  3. Haha! This is too funny! Your blocks for Audrie look awesome and are much more perfect than mine! Your blocks for Angela are charming, I especially love the first :)

  4. Great blocks Julie! I love the off center blue and brown one.

  5. Love your blocks,all the grays in the second block for angela is a neat design. Very nice!

  6. The off center log cabin in the first block looks so cute! Beautiful work!

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