Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tool Time Girl

Lookey what I found!!!
The story goes like this:
I wanted to try Julie's hexagons, so I purchased this template.
Wrong one for Julie's blocks, but lookey, lookey - right one for this month's blocks!!

So I trimmed the strips to 5-1/2" inches (actually just a little greater than...)
And went to town on - oh, sorry, LAST month's blocks.

Here are the blocks - - in tomorrow's mail, I promise!!
Thanks for waiting.



  1. And they're worth the wait! So pretty :) Thanks Natalie!! Glad I gave you a use for the template lol

  2. I'm with Angela, those are some perfect points! Nice :)

  3. These are gorgeous, Natalie!

  4. So, after all of this, you won't believe it. i dropped them in the big drive through mailbox WITHOUT postage. Crying, and unwilling to leave the box, I called and the Supervisor agreed to bring TWO workers out to open the big giant drive through box and let me paw through the 4 foot high (6 x 6) stack of mail until I found your package, and put the appropriate postage on it. I WAS NOT leaving that box until your package was right!!!

  5. Glad these got in the mail safely and with postage :)

    That looks like the perfect tool.