Thursday, September 9, 2010

Late Start September

Hi friends! I finally got everyone's packages in the mail today! Sorry I am so late with this--I wasn't feeling well and then also had out of town company, but now things are heading back towards normal. Please don’t feel like you have to rush to get the block back to me by the end of the month!
an idea

I have sent each of you a bunch of 2” squares. The block is simple: sew the squares into a block that is 6 squares across and 6 squares down. I will trim them (if needed) and add the white strips later.
*Please no interfacing; I don't want the extra weight from interfacing in some but not all blocks.
*Press your seams to one side rather than open--if some blocks have seams pressed open and some are pressed to the side, there could be small variations in the size of the finished blocks. (you could ask how I know this...)
*I would love it if each of you would include one or a few 2” squares of your own fabric choice in your block. Please avoid very pale pastels or prints with a large amount of white; also no browns or brownish colors please and thank you! (My sample block, pictured here, has more white and pale pastels than I’ve decided I want in the finished quilt, just FYI.)
*Use whatever thread you have on hand that you feel is appropriate.
*For your signature block, please sew together 3 squares, press the seams, and then sew the strip of squares to the white 2”x5” rectangle I’ve included. Sign your name on the white. :)
signature block for Sept. bee blocks
*You will have some left over squares. You can either send them back to me or sew them into strips of 8 squares (I’d love it if you do this.) The sashing in between the blocks will be made of strips of 2” squares.
*I only need one block from each of you--thanks so much!


  1. Very cool, love all the bright colors. This will be a neat quilt with so much detail. Can't wait for my package to arrive!

  2. Love it! (I'm late sending out MY sept packing for my other Bee - must be a Sept thing!)

  3. Ooooh I've been planning one of these for myself (when I'll get to it, who knows lol) so I'm excited for it! Looking forward to the package :)

  4. Yummy. 36 different fabrics...I'm in fabric heaven!
    Can't much fun. And you know, then it'll be another quilt i'll want to make for me!!!! Thanks so much.