Saturday, September 25, 2010

Precision Counts

 I just couldn't help but start with this pic.
Because it reminded me of the "bright, cheery, colorful" that is in this month's block!
Will you just look at all those great fabrics, those great colors!
 Finally, this late in the month, I opened my package to find quite a lot of
I worked on layout, and then it was time to sew.
How do you approach your precision piecing?
That's my question to all of you.
 With pieces this small, I chain pieced rows, keeping threads intact.
What about the rest of you?
Of course, now, comes the real test...

Thanks for another fun month of sewing!


I also made the four strips of 8 blocks each, and a siggy block.
I added the additional blocks from my own stash at the end of the rows
in case they are not to your liking and you want to remove them...


  1. Lots of pins!!...ahh...although, i quite like pinning..I bet it turns out great. Love the colours and the fabrics... xx

  2. nice tip to chain piece them.. i tend to do that with larger things when i don't want to mess up the directions.. but wouldn't have thought of it for this... i'm so behind on blocks and need to catch up... maybe tonight!

  3. Love the layout! I need to dive into my block too. I also worry about the precision on these little squares :0

  4. Your assembly of tiny squares looks great! I used a short stack of post-it notes taped to my machine at 1/4 inch. I know others that will stack masking tape to give them a guide. I just have found the post-it note method quicker to assemble.
    Angie -

  5. It's beautiful! Of course I'll be keeping the squares you added in.

    I'm making mine in fits and starts... too many irons in the fire this month... but I have a quarter inch foot with a flange that helps my seam allowances stay accurate. Too bad one of the kids bent the metal flange... need to decide if I'm going to replace it, or when. :)

  6. Metal flanges can be bent and the love they need, well....that's much more important. Interesting to see all of the different 'precision' techniques!