Thursday, January 28, 2010

bee beautiful - bee creative!!

bee beautiful
how nice it is to walk to the mail box
and find an envelope filled with fabrics
things that you might or might not have in your own collection
but things that someone has selected, cut, packaged
things that carry the energy of another quilter
right in to your own creative thought process

how nice it is to put a nice hot iron on the fabrics
and sort them by color, then value, then shape, and size
cutting, sewing, pressing
putting your own energy into the project ahead
starting with what is a given, what is known
(take these fabrics, make log cabin blocks)
and then letting your mind wander and your ideas take you to other places

and finally
how nice it is to have just a little extra
to give back
either from the garden or from the fabric stash
or from the hours in the day
is where my scraps will end up

begin again

thank you, julie, for including me in this group
thank you, rebekah, angela, michelle, amy, penny, vicki, erica, stephanie, rachel and audrie 
for including me, as well