Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi, I'm Michelle

and this is my story. I have been quilting on and off for 17 years. I first became interested in quilting when I was 16. I babysat for a woman who was taking a beginner's quilting class and I can remember her making snowball blocks. I was already crocheting, knitting and cross-stitching but I did not start quilting then. Five years later, I visited my cousin in Southern Ontario who lives near a Mennoite community well known for their quilting. I was in awe and decided to take a course. My very first course was hand applique and I made hearts. I enjoyed it but had made the decision to go back to school, so quilting was put on the back burner. After I graduated and got a full -time job I decided to try quilting again. I took a beginner's course at a high school. I did not have a sewing machine at the time so everything was hand stitched. I really enjoyed the class but realized that hand stitching was not for me. I ended up going back to school again, while staying at my job in a part-time position. Finally, in 1999 I got a sewing machine for my birthday. I quilted for a few years making baby quilts for my nieces and nephews and wall hangings.

With the birth of my son in 2003 and my daughter a 1 1/2 later I had to make a decision about whether I was going to continue quilting. I took a refresher course in 2005 at a local quilt store and decided that my family and quilting were both my passions and I could not give either up. Since that time I have moved back to my hometown, where I have more hours to quilt. I do work full-time so I fit in bits and pieces of sewing here and there. I have a quilting room which makes things much easier. I really enjoy making quilts for others, using what I know about them to try to figure out what they would like in a quilt. I have been blogging since last March and a whole new world has been opened up to me. We do not have the same selection of fabric here in Canada, and I feel that blogging has provided me with an oasis. I do not yet know where I am going with my quilting but I do know it has been because of the support of incredible women like you, that I will go even farther than I imagined.


  1. Wow - that's quite a journey! Kind of like one of those soul-mate movies where they keep bumping into each other over many years before getting together. Cool!

  2. thanks for sharing.. i had no idea about most of that.. but i'm glad quilting stuck with you... & that you & i have become blog buddies!

  3. Hi Michelle, I'm glad to meet you and learn a bit about your quilting life. :)

  4. Hi Michelle! I love that quilting's been in your life for such a long time... glad you've decided to stick with it! :)

  5. I really enjoyed reading your quilting story Michelle. And I'm looking forward to getting to know you more this year.

  6. HI Michelle! I love your story thus far. And I love your quilts! That zig-zag is fabulous.

  7. I enjoyed reading more about you Michelle. I would love to visit Amish or Mennonite quilters someday to learn some tricks of the trade.

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