Thursday, January 7, 2010

signature blocks!

so signature blocks...

back when we started.. we said..


Signature Block

Aside from the block chosen by each member, we’d like to propose members each make a small signature block (approximately 4” finished) to send back with each finished block. The purpose of this is to make a 12-block panel (for example) that members can use for the back of their quilt as a commemoration of being a part of this bee. It is not a requirement, just an idea.


here are a few samples of sig blocks.
made from scraps in my stash.
to show as examples.

half square triangle...

log cabin ish.

basic frame.

rail fence.



there are lots of options.
this was just my way to show a few.

& it is up the person that month to guide us.

so Rebekah guide us...

& if anyone has suggestions for her feel free..


  1. Ooo... glad I stopped here, I was going to mail my blocks tomorrow. No problem. :)

  2. I'm all grumpy about signature blocks right now. Mark had to work from home all morning and I missed signing up for Rachel's swap. Boo on all the snow that kept him home!

  3. I would suggest that each person make a block of their own design choice, using the fabrics the person sent (so that it matches). I think that would look cool for the back of the quilt and interesting to have several differnt designs. That's what I will ask for!

  4. Thanks for the signature block visuals, Julie. I can't wait to dig in, but I have to attend Road to California January 13-17 before I can roll around in those great fabrics!! And I do like the integration of the "monthly sponsor" fabric - good add on...