Monday, February 1, 2010

hi my name is julie

this is me.
my first blog post has the story of how i got into quilting.

i've been doing this for over 7 years now...
but it took me a while to start up my blog
{i'm not much of a writer}
so for a few years i read other people's blogs.
then i took the jump.
& it's been a blast ever since!!

my style is all over the map.

here are a few of my more recent quilts...

braid quilt w/ nest by tula pink.

concrete garden & square city - both with hunky dory by chez moi

play school quilt w/ make life by sweetwater

the candy box w/ hushabye by tula pink

hexagons w/ neptune by tula pink

those who know me
know i'm in love with pretty much anything tula pink makes.
so it should come as no surprise...
that this is the fabric i picked for my month.

i'm not sure what blocks i want yet
so i bought lots.
9 pc of neptune
dark navy linen.
white kona cotton.
lt. blue kona crush.
& white kona crush.

i'm sure whatever blocks i pick...
that you guys are gonna help me make a beautiful quilt!


  1. Tula Pink is full of awesomeness but I think she's evil because she makes me want to buy all her fabric haha!

  2. I really like her stuff, too. I have a neptune jelly roll that's going to be throw pillows for my bed someday. When I have time.

    p.s. I met her last month (Jen/Tula Pink) :0)

  3. Oooo...pretty fabrics, can't wait to see them in person. :)
    Your quilts are very pretty, I love the concrete garden one.

  4. Love that braid quilt! It's such patchwork-y goodness