Monday, February 15, 2010

A New To-Do List, thank you...

I received an incredible rainbow collection of strips
to make this great strip block
made from four strip blocks
(yea, yea, I know...)
I figured I should practice I want a string quilt.....
...and a scrappy log cabin...
...and a Liberated Quiltmaking star quilt....

thank you.

(and yes, now that I have practiced, I can get started on rachel's blocks)


  1. okay so this is the greatest thing i've read today. HA.

    sorry i'm a bad influence and made you addicted.

  2. Love all those colors! I just picked up my starch today along with a few grocerys since snow is on it's way again! :)

  3. natalie you write the best blog posts... i love it... now if only my strips would show up so i can play.. come on mail man!!

  4. Rachel did send us the most incredible fabrics, didn't she? That's why I just had to practice a little before diving in...tomorrow, Rachel...tomorrow is your sewing day...

  5. julie...
    you practically live next door to me.
    what the heck is up with the postal service???
    jinkies scoob.

    and natalie...
    yayyy!!! i can't wait to see the block you make.

  6. ooh fun...glad this group is providing you with lots of great inspiration!