Friday, February 19, 2010

Rachel's Blocks... And a Decision for April!

I finished Rachel's blocks yesterday and they were such fun to make! I did paper piecing for the first time last month so I'm thrilled to get to do more :)

Block one...

Block two.

Rachel had so many wonderful fabrics to play with, so it made this really fun and easy.

Hope you like them Rachel! :) [Oh and please do let us know about signature blocks and whether you want your scraps returned, thanks!]

And I've finally decided what I'd like to do for my blocks! Told you I'd change my mind. Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio really inspired me with her selvage spiderweb quilt, and while I'm not about to start collecting enough selvages to manage this for April, I think it'd be a perfect way to use scraps!

I started collecting scraps yesterday and figuring out what fabric to have as the centre bit. Solid? Dots? Hmm...

To be continued.

-- Audrie


  1. great blocks!

    I love that we're all using scraps on our quilts so far this year!

  2. your blocks came out great!

    I love that selvage spider web quilt! Makes me want to start saving more selvages :)
    That will be a fun one, I look forward to it.

  3. Fun! I would do a solid for the center.

  4. Beautiful bee blocks!
    And the other - well, I'm with Angela on the solids selection...

  5. fun! your blocks look great! The spiderweb block will be a good one to try.

  6. yayyy.

    i love them.
    thank you.

    for the siggy block...
    you can do a log cabin or a mini string block.
    whatever fabrics you don't use, feel free to keep them.

  7. lots of blue & green... and i like the spiderweb idea for your blocks.. good plan!

  8. Beautiful blocks for Rachel and I love the Spiderweb quilt Tallgrass Prairie Studio just made. It will be fun to make it for you.