Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maverick Start Charity Quilt

Okay, so it seems that all of you are on board for this charity quilt project.

Here's my initial idea for the quilt (feel free to jump in or revise as needed).

The quilt has to be twin sized (approx 68x86), so we will need 30 - 14.5" Maverick star blocks (pieced block size 14"), for a quilt that is 5 blocks wide and six blocks long. There are twelve of us, so if each of us makes 2 blocks, we'll have 24 blocks. If 6 of you want to volunteer to make 3 blocks each, then we'll have 30 total.

I came up with a general color scheme for the quilt:

The backgrounds of the blocks should be white and you can use any or all of the colors in the scheme for the star points and centers (all pink stars, teal and orange, all green, etc.). I was channeling the Flea Market Fancy line when I came up with that scheme (here's a picture of what I was going for), so any bright, fun, cheery fabrics would be great. Other colors are fine in the blocks, as long as at least one of the five colors above is dominant.

The quilts are due on April 30, so if you could get the blocks in the mail by April 1, I should have enough time to put everything together.

As always, if you have any other ideas or suggestions for this, please chime in in the comments. Also, let us know how many blocks you can make in the comments too (2 or 3).


  1. can you tell us the dimensions for the inner square of the quilt? (I think I can get the rest of it figured out if I have that.)

  2. I think that each square of the triangle should be about 5.5". With seam allowances, that will give you a final square just over 14.5" that you can trim down

  3. Thanks for doing the planning on this! I love making those stars, so I'll do three.

  4. i can do two.

    if we start with 5.5" units the block will end up 15" plus seam allowances.

    {math nerd here}

    to get 14" finished.. we'd have to do
    5 - 4 - 5
    4.5 - 5 - 4.5

    i can write up the directions w/ a diagram to make things easier.. we just have to pick which option we want to do!

  5. Julie, it looks like I was unclear up there. The block size that everyone sends to me will have to be 14.5". Once it's pieced into the quilt, the final sizes of the blocks will be 14".

    That would be great if you could draw up a diagram for all of us :)

  6. I will do 3. I will wait for final numbers first though :)

  7. To be totally different, I would go with units that are all 5.25" - so the block should be about 14.75". Then I would square it up to the 14.5....I always like to have a good amount to trim at the end!

  8. umm...lots of math going on here. I'll take a diagram please. :)if that goes well I can make three.
    Thanks ladies!

  9. I'm with erica, if there is a diagram I can make three. All this math is making me dizzy...hahaha.

  10. I'm fine with the 5.25 with room to trim - always a good idea with a group the person assembing the top some leeway...thanks for that, Angela.
    I'm in for three. And. Thanks for doing this Rebekah.

  11. I'm totally giggling at Angela's love of math and fractions.

  12. Engineer? Did someone say .... engineer?!?!???
    But, of course.
    Thanks, all.
    I'm excited.

  13. Rebekah, your blocks are in the mail...maybe they will be my Happy Valentines blocks. Thanks so much for your efforts towards this charity.