Wednesday, February 3, 2010

your blocks for me so far

Here's a shot of the blocks that I've received in the mail so far (taken last week). This is the closest they're going to be to looking like a quilt for a while, so I wanted to get a shot of them all together.

bee beautiful blocks so far

I love seeing them all together like this and am glad that I stuck with one color for the center to tie everything together. It's so much fun to see how you all combined my fabrics together to get such cool looking patchwork blocks.

I think I'm going to quilt these as separate blocks (with a muslin backing) and then sew the quilted squares together, add a backing fabric and then tie the quilt on top (that's the best I could decipher the japanese instructions in my inspiration book). Does that sound like a recipe for failure, or do you think it will work out okay (quilting, then joining, then tying)?

• • •

And, on another note. I'm not sure if we're still doing the charity quilt together, but I do have an option for all of us.

A lady that my dad works with is getting together 20 or so twin sized bed quilts for teen girls at Children's Village in Detroit, MI (by April 30). I was thinking if you were up for it, we could all donate a block to the quilt and I could combine them and create a quilt.

If you have other ideas for a charity option, we definitely don't have to go this route. I just purchased this bundle of this Joel Dewberry Chestnut Hill fabric to make a zig zag quilt of my own to donate to the group, so I'll be making a quilt to donate either way.

If you want to go this route with the charity quilt, we can discuss color options or block ideas in the comments (or via email).


  1. The blocks look so good all together. I think your quilting plan will probably work just fine.

    I would like to help out with a charity quilt! I guess we just need to come up with a theme and/or colors?

  2. I think it'll work out fine... I've been wondering about trying that too.

    We're definitely still doing the charity quilt (I know it hasn't been discussed but Julie and I still want to) and this is a great cause. Like Vicki said, we need start with theme and colours... and it's a larger quilt so we might need do either large blocks or 2 blocks each?

  3. Thanks for sharing the blocks 'together''s a great visual.

    As for the rest, I happen to be in 'charity sew mode' at the moment...I'm happy to sew blocks...anything you decide is fine with me. I am making one "Priority Quilt" from the monthly scraps, too, so, as the saying goes in Cali - "it's aaaall goooood...". Thanks!

  4. So fun seeing all the blocks together (or most of them). I love the idea of a charity quilt, just inform me what we are doing and I'll be glad to help. :)

  5. I love the collection and to think that they were made by different neat people and came back to you! I think that is a neat thing.

  6. Let me know how the quilting goes for you. I was wondering how that technique would turn out as I was reading the book I feel like the seams could get pretty bulky... but the end result is really nice, so who knows?

    As for the charity quilt, I am all for it and up for anything. Just tell me what I need to do!

  7. It's so fun to see those blocks together. It's so awesome that just those pink squares tie the whole thing together. It's going to be awesome.

    I am excited about the charity quilt project!