Friday, March 12, 2010

Blocks For Angela

These blocks were so much fun to do :) And Angela, I must say your choice of fabrics are amazing!

This is the first one I did... it's a little more modern.

This one's a little more traditional but I thought what says right angles more than a log cabin! I kind of wish I didn't use the little green dots now because they throw off the right angles just a tad (I promise they're right angles though!)... but I do love dots and am always drawn to them in a pile hehe

The sig block. I apologise for my handwriting... the fabric wasn't cooperating.

All done... they'll be off to you asap, Angela :) Hope you like them!!

-- Audrie


  1. Yes Yes Yes! I love them! Your sig block looks awesome. And I like those green dots in the log cabin - gives it a bit of extra movement.

    Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love your sig block too! And the log cabin is done in a very modern way, love it :)

  3. I for one, would like to know where to acquire more of that lite grey with organic on it, and the three leaf with safety check that you sent me...looks like a DS print, close, but it's not, right? Please do share...because, look, these are lovely too!!! (love the siggy too!)

  4. Yep - the three leaf print is the new Hope Valley by DS. The grey organic is Patty Young Flora and Fauna.

  5. Just recently discovered your block and love your modern twist!

  6. Great colors, fabric & design.


  7. so pretty! Love that light grey sashing

  8. wow - these are gorgeous colors!