Friday, March 5, 2010

charity quilt blocks. done.

Well, this color scheme is really working for me. I finished these blocks and immediately started making another bunch of blocks for another quilt just like these! These just feel so springy and alive to me. I seriously can't help myself. February in Michigan can suck the life out of a person(glad it's over) and with 4 consecutive days of sunshine all I want is bright sunshiny color.

Look for these in your mailbox tomorrow Rebekah! I've also included a little check to help cover the cost of binding, batting and backing. I really appreciate you putting this together, sounds like a really great cause. Can't wait to see the blocks the rest of you ladies put together...
Rachel-Your blocks are in the mail!
Angela-As soon as I pull myself away from candy-coated-sugar-blocks-o' -sunshine I will happily put yours together!
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Those are happy sushine bursts, I can see why you'd make more to emerse yourself in a bit of sunshine these days :) Love them!

  2. They're so lovely all hung up together! I'll have to get mine done in the next few days.

  3. love them!! now i better get my butt in gear and make mine!!

  4. These are beautiful!

    I got them in the mail on Saturday...thanks for being so speedy and thanks for the check, too!