Monday, March 8, 2010

"Other Peoples' Fabrics"

What IS it about other peoples' fabrics?
bright, shiny, crisp, fresh
all that stuff

this month brought a bee beautiful package full of my favorite colors
colors that were already sitting on my counter
kona crush in that yummy blue
the exact shade of grey in plain kona

but yet these were
other peoples' fabrics

and then it hit me

that feeling we have all had, as quilters
"It's so beautiful, I can't cut into it"

You've all done it.
Admit it.
Tell me your 
'I just couldn't cut into it' 
and maybe Angela will get her blocks!

Happiest Days.


  1. I have containers full of "I can't cut into it" fabric. Don't tell my husband... ahem.

  2. I can hardly cut into it myself - that's why I'm counting on all of you to do it for me!!!

  3. lol.. my "story"... as if i only have one.. sometimes i think i have more can't cut into it fabric than stuff i will use!! but my #1.. is the full moon forest jelly roll that i snagged @ the long beach show... i wonder sometimes if i'll ever cut into it!!