Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More April Block Stuff

I totally forgot to add the bit about the signatures...

I'd like everyone to sign their name on the little triangle.

You get the idea :)

For those doing two blocks, just sign on one of the blocks. Basically I want there to be one signature from each bee member on the finished quilt.

The parcels went out today (finally!)... let me know if there's any questions. Also do feel free to add your own fabric scraps if you wish :) Thanks!

-- Audrie


  1. Sounds great Audrie, also do you want your scraps back? :)

  2. Yeah if there are any scraps left, just send them back :) Thanks!

  3. i was wondering what sig block you wanted! thanks for the update!

  4. beautiful fabrics and combo.... what is the crm/purple fabric in the center? I'm always looking for differant purples... i enjoy ur blog, thanks for sharing

  5. It's actually a fabric from Joann's :)