Tuesday, March 2, 2010

blocks for miss rachel

i've had them done for a few days.
but i finally remember to take the photos
before mailing them off yesterday.

i went with the grab a random strip and go method.
the only time i didn't stick with it was when i'd have the same color next to itself..
and i did pick out 8 long strips to start at first...

i really like the siggy block
it was one of the first i made..
and i picked some of my favorite fabrics.
like verna & hunky dory

i did add a few scraps of mine.
rachel can you spot them?? ;-)


  1. Pretty pretty... I did love the Hunky Dory fabrics the best too.

  2. I love how yours turned out with the random-grab thing. I'm always too afraid to do that even though I see awesome results by everybody that does it.

  3. They are beautiful. I really love the signature block that was chosen for this.

  4. I love these... The random grab thing worked out well!

  5. so pretty! your signature is perfect

  6. love them, so colorful. I can't wait to see these quilts finished!!

  7. the ones you added are in the first block.
    3 of the fabrics are yours.
    because dude...if you added moda i would NEVER know.