Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blocks For Julie

I loved putting these blocks together... definitely the style I feel most comfortable with :)

I left the centre of the block pretty large because I couldn't bear to cut it any smaller. Love that submarine.

I seem to like doing the right angle blue lines. Oops. I only realised this after the fact!

I fussy cut the turtle print because Angela had been talking about turtles after her Hawaiian trip so I had turtles on the brain :)

The siggy block is about 5.25" square and fairly simple, in keeping with the other two blocks. (I promise the sides are all straight... I don't know why that right side looks so wonky.)

Julie, I had fun doing these, and working with Neptune was a joy :) Plus I really liked that Kona Crush! So squishy! Hope you like the blocks!!

-- Audrie


  1. The sub is really cool, I wouldn't have made it any smaller. I also love that you outlined it in white, love it!

  2. So pretty Audrie! I love how you featured the submarine and turtles!

  3. I love your narrow strips Audrie, might have to copy that!