Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Julie with love...

These are not my colors.
This is not my fabric.
It's hard to work with OPF sometimes.
I know, you've heard me say, it's such a treat to work with OPF.

She's one of my peeps.  She is a great help in the booth at beyond the reef.
She is a fabulous quilter, designer, she has a great 'style' of her own too.
I just gotta go with this project - in I go...

I cut the fabric - well most of it.
I start sewing.
I have to cut more fabric.
These blocks are looking pretty great!
(the colors, you guys - not the blocks, well, the blocks are coming along too)
But, daang, Julie!!!
These are coming together!!!
So I decide to keep sewing.

Then I think - wait.

Now I'm not sayin' anything here - not promoting the use of any distraction while using heavy machinery...

But I just couldn't stop sewing!!!
I did a partial punchdrunklovewithpiecedcenterblock
just because at this point
I'm lovin' this project - I'm lovin' the tulapink fabrics
I'm thinking,
this Julie knows her stuff!!

Thanks for letting me out of my box.
Out of my comfort zone.



  1. thanks nat!!!

    this is my favorite fabric.. so i'm glad it grew on you a bit!!

  2. These are so cool Natalie! Love the shot with the Stella : ) Now, all you need is a shot of the block in front of the movie Punch Drunk Love!

  3. Great blocks! Looks like you were having a very fun time sewing ;)

  4. It's so unsettling and then yet rewarding! :) Glad you had a good experience with the process. They look beautiful! :)

  5. Love the blocks Natalie! Most relaxed sewing session ever! Hehe :)

  6. beautiful. I just love that coral color. Your blocks look great!