Friday, June 18, 2010

Girlfriends...the tool for getting your points to match!!

I can't get my points to match.

And since next month - July - is my month
I thought you could help?

(sorry folks, this post is all about me)

I would never ever in a million years make these blocks for myself.
But I fell in love with Julie's new spider-whatcha-call-it quilt.
And being a part of a bee means that one month a year, you get someone
to sew with on the project of your choice.

Actually 11 other someones.

I love Denyse Schmidt fabrics.
And thanks to Audrie I have a collection of the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics
Grey is my new black.
Grey/aqua/teal/acidgreen is my favorite.

I'd love to have 12-1/2" blocks, but I think I would like to have you practice
my sharp piecing
on some specialty product I am developing.
(shhh, it's a secret...)
Which means 7-1/2" blocks for now.

Now, all I have to do is decide between teal, grey, green
Denyse Schmidt

Whaddya say?  Please weigh in...the fabric'll be sitting in your in box, so I figure you should have a say.

Truly, the key to sharp piecing and getting your points to match?



  1. oooh,sounds fun! I say go for the all! While I was in Hawaii I noticed lots of teal and chartreuse together and I loved it. A little grey is great for anything. Can't wait to work on sharp points with everybody.

  2. Very cool! Love all those colors, sounds fun!

  3. Wait, guys - you were supposed to pick one or the other!!!
    Looking for your input - either/or?

  4. i paper pieced mine.. that is how i got my points to match...

    and i vote grey

  5. Fun! I like the look of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics w/ the gray better.

  6. far it's a tie! Need a tie breaker on the colors.
    Thanks Julie, for the pattern - and quilt - inspiration!
    I just don't think I could ever get my points right without all of you!!

  7. I officially vote for the watery concoction on the right - lots of pretty blue/green fabrics :)

  8. I like the blue green combo best, but honestly I really like both combos together:)

  9. perfect points = paper piecing.
    i vote hope valley with gray.

  10. hmmm, although I like the blue/green colors better, the pinky hope valley just has a little more contrast and spark. that would be my choice! and dang, your points are perfect! Can't wait to make these for you!